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Polyelast 4WD pressed steel arms are manufactured using the same materials, equipment and methods employed in OE suspension arm manufacture. They offer equivalent strength and durability. The difference is that when it comes to raised off-road vehicles applications these arms are designed to pick up where an OE arm leaves off.

Polyelast 4WD arms correct alignment giving back all the handling performance and tyre life that gets lost when a modern 4WD is raised. Coupled with distinctive blue Polyelast® bushings new car levels of noise vibration and harshness (NVH) are achieved for on road comfort. They are everything the serious four wheel driver wants from an aftermarket suspension arm coupled with everything he needs from an OE arm.

Alignment correction built in
Polyelast bushes installed
High strength light weight design
Manufactured using OE materials & processes the car manufacturers use


  • Designed to correct alignment and provide clearance on raised vehicles
  • Finite element analysis employed for improved strength
  • Designed and tested using the latest Automotive OE technology
  • Manufactured using materials and processes the car manufacturers use
  • Soft and durable Polyelast bushes incorporated


  • Returns original steering performance and feel
  • Designed to handle the rough stuff
  • It works as good as the factory arm
  • Built to go the distance
  • Smooth and quiet on road performance

“There is no shortage of aftermarket replacement arms, but they all have one or more drawbacks. Some have questionable structural integrity or lack adequate protection for ball joints compromising longevity and we’ve seen others with no fail-safe mechanism built in that are potentially dangerous. We thought it was time to make proper arms.”

Peter Boundy, Product development engineer at BOGE.

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